About Us

The story of Snap & Love

Whilst planning for our wedding in June 2018, the very first thing we did was to book a photo booth at a wedding fair in January 2017.


Fast forward to a few months before the wedding, and we had completely changed our minds. Of course we wanted instant fun photos of all our guests on the day, but I was so worried about the photo booth itself taking up too much space and not fitting in with our decor. It was a lot of added stress having to think about managing delivery on the day and it was also very pricey!

We decided to scrap the photo booth and use an instax camera instead (meaning we were able to put some spare budget towards a fire pit - much more fun!). It was one of the best decisions we made, and we now have wonderful and hilarious photos from the night which we'll never forget.

With Snap & Love, through hiring instax cameras, our aim is to provide you with an easy and affordable way to capture memories from your special occasions.