2019 wedding trends that won't break the bank!

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New year, new trends! In this blog post we take a look at some of 2019's best wedding trends. These are the ones that we love, and ones that you can actually implement at your wedding without blowing the budget!

1. More foliage - To achieve a romantic, natural and organic look for your wedding, focus on using greenery (such as eucalyptus, ruscus, gypsophila) with florals that are in season. By using mostly greenery and in season flowers, you will help keep your spending down. Depending on where you live, you could even forage for some of the greenery yourself! If you have the time, it's great fun to go to the flower market one year before your wedding so you can really see which flowers are in season and be inspired!

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Photo credit: Sarah Vivienne Photography

2. Banquet tables - Depending on the space where you will be holding your reception, and the number of guests at your wedding, having your tables laid out in banquet style can be a great way to achieve a really intimate setting. It also allows you to play around with your table decor; a table runner made out of foliage with candles dotted in between looks great.

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Photo credit: Bryce Covey

3. Grazing tables - The food options at weddings are ever increasing, which is fantastic. This means that no matter what your budget, there is always a great option for your big day. We're absolutely loving all the grazing tables around at the moment - think piles of charcuterie, wheels of cheese, antipasti and artisan breads. You can have the food set up on a different table, or if you are using banquet tables, the food itself could be the table runner! We are constantly inspired by Fig and Grape's tables.

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Photo credit: The Poor Girls Pantry

4. Speeches - It's the 21st century and it's great that more and more women are making speeches at their weddings! It is your wedding day, and you don't have to stick to tradition just because that's the way it has always been done. We love hearing from the Bride, Maid of Honour and the Mother of the Bride, and we want more of it!

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Photo credit: Jen Schmidt Photography

5. Gift list - We do love John Lewis, but we're happy to say that they no longer rule the roost in term of wedding gift lists. There are many other options out there, where you can choose gifts that you actually want and need. We found that The Wedding Shop is particularly good; you can set up specific cash funds (honeymoon fund, house fund, puppy fund...), you can add any products that you find online or in other stores, and you can also choose from their vast online catalogue.

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6. Instax cameras - Instax cameras are a fun way for you and your guests to capture the memories from your wedding day. Photo booths are pricey and can take up a lot of unnecessary space, so instax cameras are a fantastic, flexible alternative. Hiring an instax package from us at Snap & Love will be a great addition to your big day, and will save you lots of money. Check out our instax hire pricing here, and get in touch with us to book in your instax cameras today!

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Photo credit: Mike Larson