5 reasons you should hire an Instax camera for your wedding

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

You have a million-and-one things to think about when planning your wedding. But hiring an Instax instant camera for the day is a no-brainer! We found that it was such an affordable way to capture the day (and night!), and we had so much fun using ours, and so did our guests! Have a look why we think you need an Instax camera at your wedding:

1. Instant - don't wait around to see what the photo looks like, Instax photos start to develop in a minute!

2. Creative possibilities - place the camera by your guest book, pop a camera in the centre of each table as entertainment, and even use it as a DIY photo booth... the possibilities are endless!

3. Affordable - we all know that weddings are expensive. This a great way to cut down costs, but not on quality or service. Photo booths cost hundreds of pounds, but you can rent an Instax from Snap & Love from £34.99.

4. Total control - you choose where you want your cameras, how many pictures you want to be taken and what you want to do with them.

5. Memories - there's something special about flicking through all your instant photos from your wedding day, taking you back to the day itself.

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