5 top tips to keep wedding costs down

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Planning your wedding day can be fun and exciting, but it can also be very stressful, especially when it comes to the financial side of things. Keeping on top of your budget and being honest with what you can actually afford is so important - but we know it can be hard when you see so many different and beautiful ideas on Instagram and Pinterest! Here are our 5 top tips for keeping wedding costs down, so you can spend the money on what is really important to you.

1. Make your own favours - DIY-ing your favours is a great way to keep the costs down, and add a personalised touch to your day. Some great ideas are homemade mini alcohol bottles (sloe-gin and limoncello are very tasty, and easy to make), homemade soap, herb olive oil bottles. Whatever you choose, just make sure you leave plenty of time to finish before the wedding! You also have to think, do you really need favours? Cutting them out all together would help with your budget, and free up that money to be spent else where.

2. Rent, don't buy - there are so many extras that we want to make our big day. But with so much gorgeous wedding inspo around, we need to know that we can't have everything, and we definitely can't afford to have everything! A great way to get the decor and atmosphere that you want, without shelling out beyond what your budget allows is to rent rather than buy. There are so many great suppliers where you can rent anything from fire pits, to glass vases, lanterns and outdoor games. Another idea, is hiring an Instax camera as an alternative to a photo booth. They are still great entertainment for you and your guests, you'll save hundreds of £££s and you'll still have the photos to look back on in years to come.

3. Go for local suppliers - especially for your big ticket items such as caterers, marquee, band, florist. Being local means they won't have to charge extra for delivery/transport, and it will also help that they know the area. They may have even worked at your venue before and know other local suppliers.

4. Go for a venue that doesn't charge corkage - the cost of alcohol can really rack up your wedding budget. If you can find a venue that doesn't charge corkage, and will allow you to bring in your own alcohol then you can save a fortune. To save even more, you could do a booze-cruise in the lead up to the wedding and buy your wine and champagne in France, where you can find significant savings.

5. Be creative - look outside the box and don't be constrained by classic wedding traditions. Rather than having a 3-course meal that is served to your guests, opt for sharing plates. Wedding cakes are expensive, do you really want one? You could have a stack of brownies or doughnuts instead. It's your wedding day, so go with what you want!

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