6 top tips to keep wedmin under control

Hearing the word 'wedmin' can either leave you feeling excited, or filled with dread at how much there is to do, and how little time there is to do it in!

Weddings can seem so far away, and couples tend to be very organised at the beginning, booking in the the date, the caterers, the marquee, the florist etc. Then once you'e done that you sit back thinking it's all under control. Then a few months before the wedding you realise there's actually quite a lot more to do! All the small extra details add up, but if you are organised, it doesn't need to be stressful and all life consuming.

Read our tips below to make sure you stay on top, and actually enjoy your wedmin!

1. Don't wait to do things - Don't leave things til later because you think you have plenty of time. If you can do them, do them! There'll be so much happening in the lead up to the big day, you want to cross off as much as you can, when you can. So choose your readings ahead of time, buy your favours, pay deposits, choose bridesmaids dresses, ask friends/family if they can do readings, write your Order of Service...

2. Allow time for online shopping delivery - If you need to buy things for your wedding online, then make sure you leave enough time for delivery. We would recommend buying everything you need a month in advance. This could be candles, confetti (remember confetti can often take a couple of weeks to arrive), sweets, sparklers etc. The last thing you want is to be stressing about delivery dates, or paying excess for next day delivery.

3. Involve your other half - Remember that two of you are getting married! If one of you is naturally taking on a lot of the wedding planning, make sure to involve your other half in as much of the decision making as possible. It will also take the pressure off you. Choosing readings/hymns, flow of the day, food, and the guest table plan are just the starters of what you should be planning together.

4. Carry a notebook - It can be really helpful to carry a small notebook around with you, which will contain all your wedmin thoughts. There's a lot going around in your mind at this time, so being able to jot down any creative ideas, or to do lists will make sure you don't forget anything. It also feels great ticking it off!

5. Be organised - Being as organised as possible from the beginning of your wedding planning will help you so much in the long run. When we were getting married we used Google Docs and found it to be so helpful to track and store information. We used it to keep track of our expenses to stay on budget, we managed our guest list and RSVP responses, we had an ongoing to do list and we saved all of our supplier invoices on it. It was so helpful being able to access all this information from anywhere (very useful when you're at work pretending to work, but instead getting through your wedmin!)

6. Delegate - Use your bridal and groom party. If there's someone who can help you out, then ask them!

We hope these tips have inspired you, and given you that push to get cracking on your wedmin!

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